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Do you want to be an ambassador for Star Dance Supplies? To apply you need to complete the following steps

1. Complete the online application form
2. Upload your most outgoing, creative dance pic to instagram. Make sure to tag us @stardancesupplies & include the following hashtags
#stardancesupplies #sdsambassador 


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What you will receive as a SDS ambassador:

  • You will receive 15% off any purchases in store or online during your contract. This will be for person use only and is not to be used by anyone else.

  • You will be gifted a total of 2 looks for the duration of your contract valued at $250.00. for the two months.

  • You will be required to come in-store on a Saturday to collect your outfits and have a short meeting with one of our staff members to go through the process and work out which outfits suit you best. You will get to try on lots of different clothing items and get to explore your personal style. From there we will select your outfits for your contract term, and go through some more information about the contract, what you will be posting, etc. You will also receive tips for photography skills, best locations, and how to style your outfits.

What We Expect of you as an SDS ambassador:

  • You will be required to post four images to your instagram feed each month, per outfit. The four images should be different from each other by using different locations such as: in the studio, the beach, cool backdrops that look good with your outfits. Make sure your also using your instagram stories. Don't forget to tag us @stardancesupplies.

  • You are promoting our brand to your audience which means you are a role model and an influencer to everyone that follows you. It is therefor required that all of your posts, including those that do not engage with our brand, be professional, age appropriate and be kind towards others. You are not only representing our company you are also being looked up on by our younger generations and less experienced than you, please always post in a positive manner.

  • All comments on your posts need to be positive, age appropriate, and friendly. Your comments must be relevant to the post. You may be required in-store on a set date for some content creations for our social media in-store. This will be discussed with you at your short meeting. 

  • Your ambassador posts must not include engagement from any other brands in the post. E.G, you must not tag other brands, stores, or other clothing items/accessories you may have on.

  • You allow us to repost any of your instagram posts to promote you as as a Star Dance Supplies Ambassador at our discretion.

  • You must not enter other ambassador searches during your contract with star dance supplies. (this will be discussed further at your meeting)

  • You must have a passion for dance and love trying new things, a positive mindset towards everything you do, and promote in an encouraging way.

What we expect from your parent/guardian:

  • For any ambassador under the age of 18, we will need parental consent.

  • As the parent/guardian of a current ambassador , you will be required to support your child to fulfil their contractual obligations. This will include helping them with photography, finding locations, making sure posts are posted on time and assuring all posts meet the requirements as set out above.

Failure to comply with the above Terms & Conditions could result in early termination of your role as an ambassador for Star Dance Supplies. If you are unsure about any of the T's & C's please speak to us to clarify. 

We cannot wait to see your fun, outgoing, creative applications and we will be in touch with you shortly!

Ambassador Search banner .png
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